Minggu, 23 September 2007

Cooling the Earth

Technology achievement is amazing. It helps human beings to increase the quality of life by making easier to do something. Since industrialization age until now, so many technology arise. Recent issue arise which make all people aware : global warming ! it is very important issue for human beings to be solved otherwise,our planet will be in big trouble. According scientist, average temperature of the earth would increase 4,50 Celcius by this age.

The solution become a challenge for many scientist. Theories arise to solved it. Recently, scientist offer solutions for global warming matter that is cooling the earth ! sounds crazy idea, but worth enough to try.

1. Geritol Effect.

Throw iron dust to the sea. The iron should grow plankton, part of an algae bloom that will drink up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.The idea of seeding the ocean with iron to beef up a natural plankton and algae system has been tried on a small scale several times since 1990. It has both succeeded and failed. For every ton of iron used, 100,000 tons of carbon will be pulled into the ocean.

2. Man-made volcano

Using jet engines, cannons or balloons to get sulfates in the air, humans could reduce the solar heat, and only increase current sulfur pollution by a small percentage, said Tom Wigley of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. It would take tens of thousands of tons of sulfate to be injected into the air, in stratosfer.

3. Solar umbrella

For far-out concepts, it’s hard to beat Roger Angel’s. Last fall, the University of Arizona astronomer proposed what he called a “sun shade.” It would be a cloud of small Frisbee-like spaceships that go between Earth and the sun and act as an umbrella, reducing heat from the sun. About 800,000 of these would be stacked into each rocket launch. It would take 16 trillion of them — that’s million million — so there would be 20 million launches of rockets.

4. Artificial trees

Scientifically, it’s known as “air capture.” But the instruments being used have been dubbed “artificial trees” even though these devices are about as treelike as a radiator on a stick. They are designed to mimic the role of trees in using carbon dioxide, but early renderings show them looking more like the creation of a tinkering engineer with lots of steel. It would take wind and a lot of energy to power the air capture devices. They would stand tall like cell phone towers on steroids, reaching about 200 feet high with various-sized square filters at the top. The captured carbon dioxide would be changed into a liquid or gas that can be piped away from the air capture devices.

5. Carbon Sequestration

Catch Carbondioxide as muny as possible then converting it into salt and then keep it underground,800 feet below or keep it in deep sea of 9800 feet depth.

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