Minggu, 23 September 2007

Auction for teak named

Buying name for internet domain is usual thing, but buying name for teak tree is unusual. Indonesia state-owned company for forestry, Perum Perhutani, plan to conduct auction for Teak tree in conservation area of Pasar sore forest in Cepu, Blora, Jawa Tengah.

This auction is unique since buyer who interested to buy the tree would not allowed to chop the tree. The Teak would given same name as the name of the buyer. Soon after the teak is sold, the tree would be guard until it naturally died.

The total of the teak tree that would be sold are 1558 trees. All of them are age above 100 years old with 3 M diameter and height of 39 M. one of the teak is bought by local entrepreneur for Rp 1 billion or $110,000.00 ! Quite amazing price. Those teak tree given name Wibowo as the buyer name is Bobby Wibowo. Does the price is expensive? Well, the answer would be depend. For billion who interested to buy the tree, please don’t worry. There are still many teak tree ready to be sold. At least you show how you care to the global warming issues. Any billion interested ?

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